It’s Better to Wait.

Eric Christopher Jackson

MEI am making a concerted effort to visit other people’s blogs to meet new people and be encouraged/inspired by what they do. This morning, I ran across a WordPress blog entitled, “Bites and Places.” One post really caught my attention: “Consensual Sex – Cheating or Rape?

Naturally, I had to give my opinion on the subject. First, I must say, very few men (if any) talk about the intricacies of relationships. It’s uncomfortable. It’s embarrassing. It’s something we generally shy away from. Still, every now and again, I’m approached with or come across this subject and feel obligated to chime in.

After reading the entire post, my response was this:

“It’s better to wait. If you “love” someone enough to have sex with them, you should love them enough to marry them “before” having sex. The “marriage” symbolizes the forever-commitment we are looking for. Sex is…

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