Tullahmore Estate, Mussoorie

“Oh my gosh! Is that the Himalayas out there? Yeah that’s the Himalayas. Yaayyyyy we can see the Himalayas from our windoooowwww!”…I shrieked and leapt as I opened our window to let the morning sun inside our freezing room.

Tullahmore Estate is a century old colonial bungalow. The earlier version of it belonged to the British and has now been renovated to its grandeur.

Photographs of its Brit avatar along with its renovated counterpart adorn the walls of the reception.


Tullahmore is located on a mound, offering pristine views of the Himalayan range and alluring scenic locales.
Pine view

The weather here caught us totally off-guard. Being the second week of March, we’d packed just the light woolens… while Mussoorie was freezing with temperatures dipping down to 8 degrees.

Accommodation – Tullahmore Estate is a B&B property with 10 eco-friendly rooms doting the bungalow. We stayed in the Hill View room. Pale warm colors, vintage lamps, wooden furniture, flooring and high shingled roof, all blend well with the beautiful scenic outdoors.

The main door opens to a spacious bright living room.
Living Area

This in turn opens to two balconies offering the most blissful views there can ever be. Imagine sipping a cuppa while the mountain winds start to nip and nudge you. Or doing the morning yoga in those serene environs  while the towering Deodar trees coyly watch over.
If being by yourself aint your thing, there are monkeys for company. They are happy to be the uninvited guests, so keep the doors and windows closed if you ain’t around.

The bedroom is replete with LCD Tv, heater, intercom, tea/coffee maker and wardrobe (with extra pillows and bed sheets).


Dining – There’s a spacious dining room on the ground floor with great view of the garden. Mr. Bhagwat is an amazing chef and cooks delectable home-made food. While breakfast is included in the package, lunch and dinner cost Rs. 500 per person respectively. Staff needs to be informed in advance if you choose to dine in, as the ingredients are sourced freshly from the nearby market.

Breakfast is wholesome with yummy buttered Aalo Parathas, Omlettes, toasted bread, freshly cut fruits, tea and coffee.

Steaming hot soup is brought to the room before dinner. Nice to keep you warm in that nippy, wintery evening outside.
We absolutely devoured the Jeera Aalo, Chicken Curry and Mutton (Bhagwat’s signature dish and a highly recommended one too) for dinner in the warmth of our room.

Amenities – The property offers ample parking space and free pick-up and drop to the Mall Road and Taxi stand.
In-house activities include pool table, carrom, table tennis and badminton. Wanna lace up your adventurous shoes? There’s mountain biking on the menu.
Table Tennis:

Pool Table:

Else, just amble in the garden trying to grab that little warmth before the sun gets in the mood to play a peek-a-boo.

Service – There are around 4-5 people that run the entire show which is helmed by Mr. Rakesh Rawat, the Manager. He’s been of immense help right from the first call I’d made to him. He is pleasant, approachable and always kind to go out of his way to help.
Everyone here is a multi-tasker. Bhagwat is a Chef, always smiling and also mans the reception in Rakesh’s absence. So does his kitchen-assistant. Its amazing how these guys share their duties.
So whenever you dial a 9, there’s always someone to help you.
Sanjay, the driver ferries you to and from the Mall Road at your beck and call. Knowing about my heart disorder, he went that extra mile to stay back late in the hotel in order to pick us up. These guys are truely gentle, generous and genuine!

How To Get There –
By Air: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 60 kms. Taxis ply regularly at a fixed rate of Rs. 1500.

By Rail: Dehradun railway station is around 37 kms from here . Superfast trains like Mussoorie Express and Nandadevi Express reach you overnight from Delhi. There’s a taxi stand just outside the station. Rate is fixed at Rs. 700.

By Bus: There are regular buses from Dehradun to Mussoorie and also from various metros and tourist places in Uttarakhand and also from outside the state.

Holidays come to an end, but its the memories that last forever. How heavy your heart feels while bidding Tullahmore a goodbye is all that you’ve experienced and imbibed here. Its a place that bonds you with each other, its people and with nature…

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Warm welcome to BitesandPlaces!
My humble little blog has its own story to tell… my story… I’m gregarious being, vagabond at heart and have a monstrous appetite for food. I used to be a Human Resource professional until few years ago. To be among, with and for people was the reason I’d chosen this field.
Being in HR, I could only accomplish the ‘people’ part. I still yearned to be in those places I saw on TV and travel magazines and craved to eat all kinds of food that lulls you into coma. I didn’t want to be just a spectator anymore. I wanted to be in those pictures.
Luck smiled at me and I fell sick with an awful heart, lungs and liver disorder. Family said stay home. Rest.
Rest? Were they crazy? I grabbed this opportunity and quit my job; to pursue my passion – people, places and food.

Being on my own gave me lot of spare time for all the three.
I’m not a professional cook, but I’m mighty passionate about cooking. Although Indian, BitesandPlaces does not restrict itself to just the dishes of my country, which are toothsome beyond doubt. I’ve also tried to put together a bunch of mouth-watering and eye-pleasing recipes scattered from all parts the world. A lot of them are a tribute to my mum’s kitchen, the ones I grew up with. Few of them are a result of my experimentation and few others, borrowed from my generous friends 🙂

I religiously follow Andrew Zimmern’s favorite quote – what looks good to your eyes, EAT IT!! After all food is something that follows no boundaries, isn’t it.

Travel, I believe, is about exploring new places, meeting new people, building new relations, soaking in their culture, gorging on their cuisines, discovering their stories and of course, capturing all of these in my teeny-tiny camera.

After having been there and done that, I was inspired to share my travelogues with you, encourage you to travel and in some way find a bit of your happiness through me.
Thus BitesandPlaces was born!

Life’s a journey and people, places and food are all a part of it. So, come along with me and eat your way through this journey called Life…

I like staying connected. And it’ll be a frosting on my cake if you drop a line or two at natasha@bitesandplaces.com.

Celebrate Life!!!
Natasha Gracious

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  1. Truly NG…. It is a Home for me whenever I am in This Little town..It is the World. 🙂

    The Best thing I loved about your post is that how well you remember ‘the people’ who make your stay a pleasant one.
    In my case its going to be my First meeting with Rakesh ji, tho I have spoken to him twice about the Wrong Location Marker of this awesome place on the Google Maps.

    I edited the place-markers last week and they shall have the New location online soon.

    During my visit it was Ashu Bhaiya’s SUV which used to ferry us up and down and It was Surender Kumar ( who is NOW in SAVOY -KARNAL) who was looking after the Place.
    Incidentally, I got my reservations as well done thru Ranjeet Singh (Savoy Manesar )
    They are Lovely People…..

    Err…. “Heart Condition……….” Or no ‘Heart condition …..’
    Your Description of this place …touched ‘mine’ ..

    Blessed be inside your world N~G~


    • Thank you so very much, Jeasbe, for your kind words. True, I try to remember all those people who make my stay memorable in whichever place I go. Coz I feel it’s the relations I bring back home along with the experience. Also, I always wish that whoever reads my posts, if they ever happen to visit that place, they ask for that person. Imagine how happy he’ll be to know that his clients already know him even before they’ve even seen him, that there’s a mention of him somewhere on the internet.
      You too have a wonderful mind to go out of your way and change their location on Google Maps. I’m sure it must have made them a lot of difference.
      I feel, such little things that we do brings happiness… although in a little way 🙂


  2. I stayed here some four Years ago in 2011..and This Year again Planning a small Visit.
    Hopefully Soon…
    The Pics are amazing …

    PS: this place was incorrectly marked on Google Places. Corrected the Same with help from Rakesh Rawat, yes… HE IS Friendly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Jeasbe for dropping by writing to me. Yeah, Tullahmore is an awesome experience. The bungalow, the scenery, the people, the food… Whenever it’s Mussoorie for me, it’s gonna be Tullahmore 🙂


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