BBJ – Grilled Banana Blueberry Jam Sandwich

Amazing, drool-worthy, yummilious! Crispy on the outside, warm and melty on the inside, my BBJ – grilled Banana Blueberry Jam sandwich makes for a superbly delicious and incredibly satisfying snack or dessert.
There isn’t a specific time to gobble on this really. Pack it up in your lunchbox, chomp on alongside milk or just dig your teeth into whenever you feel. Lifts up the mood immediately. Also, it’s the quickest snack you can make when you call your pals over for a coffee. They’ll be mighty impressed, I bet 🙂
Banana Bluberry jam sandwichPreparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1 🙂

2 slices whole-wheat, multigrain or white bread
Half just-ripe banana, sliced. Shouldn’t be too gooey
1 tbsp blueberry jam
1 tbsp butter

1. Heat a skillet or grill pan on medium.
2. Spread the jam on to one slice of bread and butter on the other
3. Arrange the banana slices on the jam and cover it up with the buttered slice.
4. Slightly press the sandwich so the entire thing is held in place.
5. Place it on the pan, give a little press and grill till golden-brown. This may take couple of minutes.
Lower the heat if you feel it’s browning too quickly.
6. Now flip it over and grill the other side.
7. Repeat until you achieve your desired crispiness.
8. Slice it in half and serve…immediately…before it goes soft and soggy.

Instead of Blueberry jam, you can also slather Nutella, strawberry jam or mix fruit jam.

All Things Sweet

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Warm welcome to BitesandPlaces!
My humble little blog has its own story to tell… my story… I’m gregarious being, vagabond at heart and have a monstrous appetite for food. I used to be a Human Resource professional until few years ago. To be among, with and for people was the reason I’d chosen this field.
Being in HR, I could only accomplish the ‘people’ part. I still yearned to be in those places I saw on TV and travel magazines and craved to eat all kinds of food that lulls you into coma. I didn’t want to be just a spectator anymore. I wanted to be in those pictures.
Luck smiled at me and I fell sick with an awful heart, lungs and liver disorder. Family said stay home. Rest.
Rest? Were they crazy? I grabbed this opportunity and quit my job; to pursue my passion – people, places and food.

Being on my own gave me lot of spare time for all the three.
I’m not a professional cook, but I’m mighty passionate about cooking. Although Indian, BitesandPlaces does not restrict itself to just the dishes of my country, which are toothsome beyond doubt. I’ve also tried to put together a bunch of mouth-watering and eye-pleasing recipes scattered from all parts the world. A lot of them are a tribute to my mum’s kitchen, the ones I grew up with. Few of them are a result of my experimentation and few others, borrowed from my generous friends 🙂

I religiously follow Andrew Zimmern’s favorite quote – what looks good to your eyes, EAT IT!! After all food is something that follows no boundaries, isn’t it.

Travel, I believe, is about exploring new places, meeting new people, building new relations, soaking in their culture, gorging on their cuisines, discovering their stories and of course, capturing all of these in my teeny-tiny camera.

After having been there and done that, I was inspired to share my travelogues with you, encourage you to travel and in some way find a bit of your happiness through me.
Thus BitesandPlaces was born!

Life’s a journey and people, places and food are all a part of it. So, come along with me and eat your way through this journey called Life…

I like staying connected. And it’ll be a frosting on my cake if you drop a line or two at

Celebrate Life!!!
Natasha Gracious

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