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Welcome to Bites and Places – Eat. Travel. Celebrate…
BitesandPlaces has its own story to tell… my story… I am a vagabond at heart Me1with a tremendous appetite for food. I have always been a people’s person. To be among, with and for the people was the reason I chose Human Resources as my profession.
Being in HR, I could only accomplish the ‘people’ part. My craving for food and travel was a question that however went unanswered.
As destiny could have it, I  fell sick with this fatal heart and lungs disorder called Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. I had to quit my job and stay home. TLC and Fox Life became my best friends. I now had the time of the world to pursue my love. I became an avid reader of travel magazines and began experimenting with food. And trust me, they were always a success…ummm… most of the times :). I grabbed every opportunity of travel that came my way. Leave applications and approvals were history…

I now want to take my passion a step ahead. I want to tell the stories of my sojourn to the world, encourage people to lace up their comfortable shoes, eat till their guts plead for mercy and in some way find a bit of  their happiness through me.
Thus BitesandPlaces was born!!! 

I’m not a professional cook, but I am eminently passionate about cooking. Inspired by food, BitesandPlaces does not restrict itself only to Indian recipes. I am trying to put together a bunch of scrumptious, eye-pleasing recipes I have been collecting from lot of sources. Some of them are a tribute to my mother’s kitchen, the one’s I grew up with. Few others are a result of my experimentation.

I love this line coined by Andrew Zimmern – what looks good to your eyes, EAT IT!! I follow that too…to a great extent 🙂

Travel, I believe, is all about exploring new places, meeting new people, building new relations, soaking in their culture, gorging on their cuisines, discovering their culinary stories and of course, capturing all of these in my lens. 
Life’s a journey and people, places and food are all a part of it. So come along with me and eat your way through this journey called Life…
Its great to stay connected. And still better if you drop me a line or two at natasha@bitesandplaces.com . Speak your mind, I’ll highly appreciate it.
Celebrate Life!!!
Natasha Gracious


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