About BNP

Warm welcome to BitesandPlaces!

My little blog has its own story to tell… my story… I’m a daydreamer, fairy-tales dweller, vagabond at heart with a serious appetite for food.I used to be a Human Resource professional until few years ago. I loved my profession for the opportunities it provided – to be with people, for people.
Being in HR, I could only accomplish my  ‘people’ passion. A part of me still yearned to be in those places I saw on TV and travel magazines and craved to eat food that lulls you into coma.
I didn’t want to be just a spectator anymore. I wanted to BE in those pictures.

As destiny had it, I fell gravely ill with a heart, lungs and liver disorder. Family said, “stay home. Rest.”
Rest! Were they crazy? I grabbed this opportunity to quit my job and pursue my passions – people, places and food. Being on my own meant lot of spare time.
I’m mighty passionate about cooking. I scout the YouTube for recipes that ignite senses, yet, are quick and easy to cook. So far, I’ve got them well, if I can say so myself.
I religiously follow Andrew Zimmern’s quote – “What looks good to your eyes, EAT IT!” After all it’s food that starts conversations, builds new bonds and erases all kinds of boundaries, isn’t it.

Travel, I believe, is about exploring new places, seeing as much as I can, meeting new people, soaking in their culture, building new relations, gorging on their cuisines, discovering food stories and immortalizing these moments in my cell phone.

After having traveled a bit, I felt it was time to share my travelogues with you, encourage you to leave your armchair, lace up your shoes, go out there wherever and whenever you can and witness it all yourself .
And if you can’t make it out there, you have my posts and pictures… until it’s time for you to get packing.

Life’s a journey and people, places, culture and food are all a part of it. I feel, it’ll be more fun if  You and I are in this journey together…

I like to stay connected. I’ll be very happy if you drop a line or two at graciousnatasha@gmail.com.

Celebrate Life!!!
Natasha Gracious

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