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My Name Is Arnold

Living at heights feels like heaven… or at least closer to it :). I play neighbor to bunch of these gorgeous Kites who visit my aerial neighborhood daily. One of these, somehow, has become a pal of mine. Although its kinda one-sided 🙂 . Its that prominent “V” in his wings which makes him stand out from his family.
I named him Arnold… for his magnificence, strength, beauty and grace. Pet-name’s Arnie. Isn’t he gorgeous!

Two To Tango:
That’s Arnie with his brother. Pat twice on my back for getting this bang on time with my buddy in focus.
Two to Tango

That’s My Style Of Lunching:

Nah. That ain’t him. This picture however makes me happy whenever I look at it. Why? I’ve mostly seen these birds hovering for hours in the braising sun for food. And seeing this guy with his kill, tells me there’s still something left for these beautiful creatures in this ruthless jungle of concrete.
Eating Eagle


A Peek From My Window

I’d clicked these pics from our hotel room in Velankanni. We’d checked-in early morning around 6. After freshening up, I chose to ogle at the beautiful morning scenery rather than putting my tired body to rest before we could start our day.
I started off from our window, which opened to a clandestine lush landscape and the morning sun peeping through the branches as if trying to reach our room.

It was breakfast time for all of us…including these little marvels of nature.

Wonder what this guy was thinking! May be he was deciding on where to take his next flight or what to eat or where did his friends go. I so envy him!
Bird 1
I loved the way this regal lady was resting her gorgeous bushy tail while gorging on her meal, oblivious to the surrounding, including me.
This guy was sun-bathing and how! He had some sort of a calm and peaceful aura around him… and those colours were magnificent!