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I believe in whispers of the angels, I believe in signs from the seas, The answers I’ve been seeking so long… Are somewhere deep inside of me…

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Twinkle Twinkle Big Star

There’s something about Autumn! Something magical, fairy-tale like. Streets nap underneath the shriveled leaves, the air is crisp and fresh, the surroundings are decked in some kind of special colours, those that were being worked on laboriously for the rest of the year. And the hypnotic scent of burnt wood.. that’s the best. When everything…

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Dahi Handi At My Mom’s

This was the exact same spot I’d stand along with a bunch of friends and watch young boys of our complex make a human pyramid. Amongst all that laughter and cheers and many many attempts of crashing and rising and crashing again, they’d manage to reach the top and finally break the handi. What a…

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Moment Of Pride

The moment when rapture exploded within and around, this one’s that moment. I’d heard these guys squawking in the mornings and evenings. But by the time I scampered with my cam to the balcony, they’d either be far off or vanished. Last evening I absolutely nailed it and how! I was gleaming all the more when I zoomed the…

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My Name Is Arnold

Living at heights feels like heaven… or at least closer to it :). I play neighbor to bunch of these gorgeous Kites who visit my aerial neighborhood daily. One of these, somehow, has become a pal of mine. Although its kinda one-sided 🙂 . Its that prominent “V” in his wings which makes him stand out from his family. I…

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B/W Is Beautiful

Irony And Ecstasy: I clicked this picture on our visit to Mussoorie. We’d halted for a coffee in a tiny restaurant. Through the backdoor, I could see a bright little temple plonked precariously on a cliff. I couldn’t stop myself from requesting the manager to allow me get to the rear to click some pics. He gladly obliged. There…

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