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The Colosseum

Every tourist setting foot in Rome, wants to visit the Colosseum and rightfully so. Picture this – an amphitheater flooded with 50,000 frenzied, screaming, bloodthirsty spectators. Gladiators and animals being hoisted up, pitted against each other for a fight that would write the fate of one with the blood of another. Imagine the blood-soaked sand…

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The Origin Of Butter Chicken

Post Courtesy: Arushi Lohia on Butter chicken might be the first thing that comes to your mind while ordering food, but do you know where this appetizing cuisine came from? The story of how butter chicken came into being is just as mouthwatering as the food itself. Photo Courtesy: MUMBAIFOODIE.COM Butter chicken’s origin goes back…

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Tangy Tomato Rice

Originally posted on BITES AND PLACES:
Tomato Rice… this tangy, one-pot recipe is a breakfast/lunch/dinner staple in any South Indian household. No side dishes necessary, you can enjoy the best of it with just the papadum or raita and an equally tangy sour pickle. Gosh! My tastebuds have got the goose-bums already 😛  It used…

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Embroidered Bag From Jaipur

My husband got this handbag for me from Jaipur  or The Pink City as its famously known. I couldn’t help but wonder, how many efforts and dexterity of the skilled hands must have gone into making this marvelous piece of art that I have today! The intricate embroidery, impeccable design and colour makes it one of…

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