It’s amazing how the same spot from the same balcony can offer so many different colours, experiences, moments… Heavens have opened, trees sway with joy to the tune of mellifluous Azan that fills the air. I’m in love with this evening. Can there be a better way to define PEACE…

Horseback Riding in the Brazilian Countryside — Tremendous Times

While I knew that it really didn’t matter, I still held my breath, waiting to be paired up with a horse. Perhaps I’d watched too many Disney movies as a kid. Maybe I just kept picturing Legolas atop a snowy, white mare. Whatever the reason, the idea of riding through the Brazilian countryside on a […]… Read More Horseback Riding in the Brazilian Countryside — Tremendous Times

Tangy Tomato Rice

Originally posted on BITES AND PLACES:
Tomato Rice… this tangy, one-pot recipe is a breakfast/lunch/dinner staple in any South Indian household. No side dishes necessary, you can enjoy the best of it with just the papadum or raita and an equally tangy sour pickle. Gosh! My tastebuds have got the goose-bums already 😛  It used…