Alfredo Maggie

I was at my sluggish best today. To top it up, my cook didn’t turn up and I knew I had to don her hat. Not in the mood to cook a detailed meal, I wanted to make something super-quick, easy without compromising on the taste.
Need is the mother of all inventions! My Alfredo Maggie recipe was born out of one such needs… to make a quick yet delectable lunch.
First morsel in his mouth and my husband exclaimed, “Its about time, you start a setup of your own!”

Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves: 3


Maggie – 3 packets (Masala or Chicken flavour)
Garlic – finely chopped 2 tbsps. I love a lot of garlic so I add 4-5 tbsps of it
Butter – 2 heaped tbsps
Flour – 1 tbsp
Milk – 4 cups or more if you want a runny consistency
Cream cheese / cheese spread – 3 tbsps (any flavour. I used the pepper one)
Oregano – 1/2 tsp for seasoning
Black pepper – a pinch for seasoning
Salt – as per taste


1. Cook Maggie as per the instructions on the packet and keep it aside.
2. Melt butter in a medium, non-stick saucepan over medium heat. Add a tsp of oil. It prevents butter from burning.
3. Add the chopped garlic and stir till it releases the aroma.
4. Add flour and stir.
5. Add the cream cheese and stir till it melts and is mixed properly.
6. Now add milk and keep stirring till it thickens a bit. Simmer while you keep stirring for a longer time if you want the sauce really thick.
7. Season with oregano, salt and pepper.
8. Now tumble in the cooked Maggie and mix lightly with a fork without hurting and mashing it up.
9. Serve it with a sunny-side up egg as I did or any accompaniment you wish and dig in.

Great for both, vegans as well as the non-vegs, this creamy delight sure is a  gastronomic infatuation! 🙂

Creamy Chicken in Spring Onions

In my repertoire of being a shortcut cook, this sure is a killer recipe. And it has always got me accolades from whoever has had it. Its finger-licking good and so very easy to cook!!!CreamyChicken

Ingredients: (serves 3)
Chicken breasts (boneless) – half kg
Spring onions – half a bunch, finely chopped
Black pepper – half teaspoon
Dry Oregano – half teaspoon (optional)
Fresh cream 2 cups
Lime juice – 1 tablespoon
Oil for frying
Salt – as per taste

Cut the chicken breast horizontally into flat but big pieces.
Rub the pieces with a pinch of salt, oregano, lime juice and black pepper and leave it for 5 minutes.
Heat oil in a fry pan. Add the finely chopped spring onions and stir for a min.
Add the chicken pieces and cover it with the lid. The spring onions will stick to the chicken.
Flip the chicken after one side is cooked and keep the lid again.
Take out the fried chicken (with the stuck spring onions).

For sauce:
The pan will be left with some oil and some onions. Inside the same pan, pour the fresh cream and simmer for a couple of minutes.
Add salt if necessary.

While plating, serve the chicken first and top it up with the sauce. It tastes best with pasta or a simple serving of mashed potatoes.